Virtual Food Drive to Supporting the Hunger Task Force

The Hunger Task Force is going virtual with COVID-safe food drives.  With many workers still facing unemployment and increased need due to COVID, the food pantries are facing a significantly increased demand now that the weather is getting colder.  Taking part in this virtual event is an excellent way for the Wisconsin Chapter WISE group to accept food donations benefitting the Hunger Task Force.  Please check out the website and consider making your own donation:  We will keep you updated on the progress we make on behalf of the ASSP Wisconsin Chapter WISE group!

Mental Health in the Construction Industry – Article featuring WI Chapter Member Bruce Morton

Even in the best of times, mental health is a big concern in the construction industry.

Many of us who work in this industry have direct experience of how important it is to support and understand mental health. Fortunately, the industry has recognized this problem and is working on solutions. So, what can contractors do to manage the pressures stemming from the coronavirus outbreak?  Check out this article featuring Bruce Morton to find out more!

In case you missed it – Mental & Physical Well Being Webinar Replay

Change is hard, but we spend our lives navigating through it.  Now more than ever, we find ourselves in the midst of constant, unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances that puts pressure on our families, our work, and ourselves.  So join us for a replay of the conversation on how to take care of your mental health and to better understand how to navigate our new norms while working from home.