Wisconsin Chapter 2019-2020 Officer Election Candidates

Mar 26, 2019

Chapter elections for the 2019-2020 Secretary position will be by e-vote, keep an eye out for the important ballot email from ASSP that will be sent out soon.  Listed below are the nominees for the Wisconsin Chapter Secretary to take office July 1, 2019.

Nominees for Secretary are:

Lizzy Polheber

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Polheber has been in the construction industry for four years. Lizzy serves as a Safety Engineer for VJS Construction Services and works in tandem with VJS’ Safety Director to ensure all safety requirements are carried out throughout the duration of all of VJS’ projects. In this role, Lizzy has implemented improved health and safety standards that have elevated the level of safety within the company. “Lizzy has had quite a busy few years at VJS. She’s brought true value to the existing VJS Safety Program. I know her strong leadership skills and enthusiasm for safety will continue throughout the years to come,” said Bruce Goranson, Safety Director at VJS Construction Services.

In her four years with VJS, Lizzy has executed the following:

  • Stretch & Flex Program – This program, which involves stretching exercises to reduce the risk of injuries, was implemented on all of VJS’ project sites as a daily reminder of our site safety culture.
  • Nothing Hits the Ground policy – This policy enforces that any materials that come onto VJS’ jobsites are brought in using pallets, rolling carts or dollies to prevent injuries with material handling.
  • New Safety Video – Safety training and education at VJS starts with a new employee safety orientation and includes OSHA required training and site-specific training. Each employee is required to view a safety training video and complete a test to measure their comprehension. They are not allowed on a job site until they pass this test. Our safety training materials are bi-lingual for our Spanish speaking employees. This video was updated to reflect the safety standards in place at VJS.
  • See It, Own It, Share It – VJS Construction Services See It, Own It, Share It is a new safety policy intended to provide VJS employees with a framework for maintaining safety on each and every jobsite. See It, Own It, Share It strives to create a culture where VJS employees are aware of their surroundings, take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others, and share safety best practices with those around them.
  • Procore Safety Audits – Job specific safety audits that are completed weekly by the safety department and superintendents.
  • Mentoring Program – VJS’ apprentices work with foremen and carpenters to learn the ways of VJS. They meet with them bi-annually to go over goals, discuss how they are improving and what they need to work on.


“Lizzy and I started at VJS at the same time, four years ago. During that time, she has implemented many policies and procedures which have helped protect and make our craft workers more efficient. Most importantly, she has created an environment of inclusion for VJS employees and trade workers from outside the company. She believes that with everyone working together, we can create a culture where everyone goes home the same way they came to the projects that day. She truly cares about every person that is involved with our projects and understands that they are on our sites to support their families. That is the reason why she puts people at the forefront,” said Dan Nash, Site Superintendent at VJS Construction Services.

In addition to Lizzy’s work at VJS, she has also been actively involved in VJS’ Wellness Program. The purpose of the Wellness Program is to educate, support and empower employees to maintain and improve their overall health and well-being through healthy lifestyle choices and to create a culture of wellness throughout the VJS organization. The Wellness Program goes beyond mind and body wellness and engages the spirit by organizing fundraisers for local nonprofit organizations and food pantries. Additional Wellness Program activities include lunch and learns, walks, health risk assessments, pedometer challenges, corporate fitness challenges, healthy snack sales, health club reimbursement, yoga classes and an on-site workout room. Lizzy has been involved in implementing several wellness initiatives at VJS.

Currently, Lizzy is an active member of the AGC of Milwaukee Safety Committee. She is part of reviewing new OSHA standards and training sessions. She is also involved in the Wisconsin Council of Safety, as well as the American Society of Safety Professionals. Lizzy attends all ASSP meetings and is in charge of posting for the ASSP Facebook page.

If Lizzy is selected to be on the ASSP Board she will bring energy and fun new ideas to the group. She would like to have the honor to be a part of this committee for multiple reasons, but the main reason is to be able to be a part of something that can help and train other safety professionals in the community. She also enjoys being a voice in the ever-changing field of safety.


Matt Schmidt

Matt Schmidt, is the current safety leader for Quad in their direct mail facility in Pewaukee. As a safety leader Matt works to create, implement, and maintain Quad’s safety programs and policies for over 600 employees at his locations. Matt has been an ASSP member since 2013 as a student member with UW-Whitewater and holds a B. S. in Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

As a newer professional in the safety field Matt has always appreciated the learning and networking opportunities ASSP has provide both in and out of school. If elected Secretary, he will use the platform to try and attract other young professionals like himself to join the organization and discover the great value it can bring to a career in safety. He would also take the opportunity to continue to expand his own knowledge and network within the organization. Safety can be a profession with very unique challenges that can sometimes make us feel like we are alone on our own island. ASSP offers a great community of people dealing with those same challenges that is there to help. Matt wants to get the word out about all the great things this chapter is doing.


If you have questions, please contact Todd Loushine, Nominations & Elections Chair at loushint@uww.edu.